And yonder they saw the star…


So I promised a post on Saturday, and as its Sunday it seems appropriate that I write it!

Let me take you back to August, where fifteen of the Steady and associated clans took an arduous trek into Welsh country. By trek I mean drive and by Welsh country I mean that strange place over theย border where it rains a lot. We stayed in the lovely Gwili Mill, in a vaguely french-sounding village whose name I still can’t pronounce (Llanpumsaint).

Whilst there the Rooibos drinker and I did some exploring, and one day decided to visit a Moriath Glass Studio. It was a very rainy day and we were almost drowned getting from the car to the gallery. It was worth it though, inside it was packed to the rafters with so much beautiful glass. There were huge plates and plaques, rings, pendants and earrings. We took a long time deciding what we wanted because there were so many things to choose from. Eventually, tucked away in the back we found a box:


Moriath Glass Box

Inside, a bunch of stars nestled, each inscribed with a word and hung on a ribbon. There were ten in total, with words like twinkle, wish, love and shine on them.Star cluster


Perfect for christmas decorations! Since August they have sat in top of the record player (yes we still have one), gathering dust and waiting to shine. Yesterday… we put up our tree. Yay! This year I have completely reverted to being a child and decided that “Yes, we have to have a real tree.” and “No a fake one isnt good enough.” The fact that I’m an adult and can pay for said christmas tree had a huge bearing on the affirmative response I got from the parents!

So now the tree is up, all seven foot of it, twinkling away and hung with Welsh stars.

christmas tree

shining stars












Beautiful, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Anyone else got any special decorations that come out every year?


Abi x




Tea cake….


So in celebration of being a Master (anyone else think that the only way to say that is to follow it with an evil laugh?), I have done such exciting things as;

1. Go to work.

2. Wander round near by towns.

3. Eat cake.

4. Drink tea.

Nothing unusual then!

On one of my adventures I stumbled across these;

Teapot cake toppers!

Teapot cake toppers!

And a friend introduced me to this.

I’m currently wishing that someone would employ me to taste tea all day and check whether it matches up to “preselected sample standards.” Any offers? No, thought not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

That article led me to wondering if there was a UK equivalent of The Board of Tea. I didn’t find the answer to that question but did discover this: which enlightened me that tea was brought to England by Catherine of Braganza (awesome name), wife of Charles II, and that tea was taxed, leading to smuggling and adulteration, by using sheep dung. Lush. I’ve tasted some teas that make me wonder if they’re still doing that…

I’m also looking forward to reading this, sent by lovely Lucy;

This is the second in a series and despite being confused for a long time about what a donbeag was (all I’ve come up with is a fictional squirrel), I’m looking forward to the next one.


I’m also hugely excited about Black Spring by Alison Croggon, another Australian author I adore. For any fantasy geeks out there, I can’t recommend The Pellinor series strongly enough. Black Spring has just come out in Australia (with the most terrifying cover ever), and is due out in the UK in the new year. The UK cover is far less scary and I think I might cope better if I have that on my shelf instead. What do you think?

terrifying Australian cover!

Not quite so terrifying British cover!


Well that’s all for now. On Saturday I might just tell you the story of how I came to own some stars from Wales…


Abi x


I’m back! Here’s what I’ve been up to…

So, it’s been brought to my attention that my last blog was almost two months ago. I’m sorry! *slaps wrist*. All I can say is that the last editing burst was far longer and more stressful than I imagined. So I’ve been hiding. Well, not hiding exactly, but staying away from words that I didn’t HAVE to write.

I have been doing other things, like;


Crocheting (one t or two?)

Coming home to this…

Drinking Tea


And…. visiting the only place in England with punctuation in it’s name (writers and other literary nerds – rejoice!):

Westward HO!

Whilst at Westward HO! it was agreed that the only way to say the name was to yell the last part. We got some weird looks…

I’ve also been at work, but there aren’t any fun pictures from that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today the rooibos drinker bought me a present. (Thank you!) It’s beautiful. I think you’ll all agree:

Pretty pretty book

So yeah, think that’s me. Don’t you all feel enlightened? What have you all been up to?

Next on the cards for me: more crocheting, more reading (any recommendations?), more work and finishing the manuscript. *Cries quietly to self.* Also, is there anything particular that people would like to hear me ramble, rant, hold forth on in the next few blogs?



Abi x